7 Reasons why you MUST Discuss your Timeline with your Photographer

July 19, 2021


Let’s talk about your creative team, your photographer, and how they should play a role in the customization of your timeline! Wedding planning, design, production, and management is not a one-man show – it’s a team effort! In this, it’s personally our standard practice that we always consult the photographers on our team and welcome their feedback on the timing of the day as it relates to our couples and their wedding day photography (Not only for aesthetic purposes but so they can get as much out of their time with their hired photographer as possible). However, this is something that a lot of people overlook.

Our photographers do a lot more than “snap photos” the day of and let’s be honest after the time and investment devoted to creating the perfect day – we want to ensure that the photos that are captured do your special day justice. Professional photographers are a wealth of knowledge surrounding a myriad of topics pertaining to your day and always have your best interest. Frankly, it’s a missed opportunity for those who overlook the depth of what professional photographers have to offer.
We’ve teamed up with destination wedding photographer – Paige Vaughn Photo who has been published in BRIDES as well as Martha Stewart Weddings to weigh in on the importance of your wedding photographer’s involvement in the timeline creation process!
  1. 1) Amazing wedding photos don’t just happen, they’re strategically planned for you and you have to give your photographer the raw materials they need to create stunning images – namely: time (and a good wedding planner!)
  2. 2) Your photographer is an expert on lighting and locations. Trust their thoughts on when is the best time to have your ceremony, first look, etc. and trust their intuition on locations and what will look best, even if it’s not exactly what you planned. They know what looks good!
  3. 3) Your venue might have unique considerations where light can make or break the quality of your wedding photos – like if your venue is surrounded by dense trees, in the valley of a hilly area, in the mountains, or on a beach – all of these impact timing.
  4. 4) Photographers know how to plan for speed bumps and how to build a buffer to keep the day fun and relaxed, even if hair and makeup runs 20 minutes over.
  5. 5) Every photographer is different and needs different amounts of time to do your day justice. Ask them and trust their response (and please, don’t try to squeeze something like detail photos or family photos into 15 minutes ;))
  6. 6) Choices you make about your day impact timing significantly: skipping the first look with your spouse, wanting a ton of detail photos, including extended family in formal photos, first looks with your dad and bridesmaids – all those things are time-sensitive and have to be planned for carefully under the guidance of your photog.
  7. 7) Your photographer has your best interest at heart (afterall, you hired them for their abilities and vision) – they absolutely know what they need to serve you well. Listen to their guidance.
  8. BONUS: Not sure if the photographer you’re considering is an expert in these areas? Continue your search for a true professional who will be involved every step of the way, and help you have the best day ever!

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