Tried and True Houston Fitness Studios

January 20, 2020

Whether you are planning on sweating for the wedding or getting your fitness on in the new year, I have curated a list of TEN studios in Houston you need to take a class at, no excuses! Fun fact: I have personally taken at least one class at all ten of these fitness studios in the past two years!

In 2017 I ran the Chicago Marathon (I know, HUGE accomplishment) and decided to give up running for a bit.  With that being said, I desperately needed to find another form of fitness I could love equally as much as running. I went on a studio binge and was determined to try a variety of fitness classes.  Each studio offered something truly unique.

I personally believe the best way to stay committed to your fitness goals in the new year is to switch it up and have a little fun! In the end, you may discover something about yourself you never knew you liked. As a bonus, I listed a fitness app I used when I worked out at home… I’ve tried it ALL.

Brittany’s Tried and True Top 10 Houston Fitness Studios

*All of the first time member specials are subject to change. You should contact the studio directly for the most up-to-date pricing information. 

Yoga & Sculpt | Southern Flow Yoga

First Time Member Special: Single class drop-in for $20.

Why I love this studio: As soon as you walk through the doors, you instantly feel like you are at home. Southern Flow Yoga offers a class called Southern Sculpt which I am currently obsessed with. The class takes place in a heated yoga studio and has elements of yoga and weight training. After class, you are drenched in sweat and know you had an amazing workout.


Megaformer Studio | HIP Fitness

First Time Member Special: First-time clients get a single class for $15 or two weeks unlimited for $69.

Why I love this studio: HIP Fitnesses is high-intensity pilates on a megaformer and will leave you sore for days! The first time I took a class at HIP I was a bit intimidated by their equipment, but the instructors are fantastic and do an excellent job of guiding you through the class. Halfway through the workout, I was a pro at navigating the megaformer. Just make sure you wear your grippy socks for the class or you will be sliding all over!


Cycling, Yoga, & Pilates | The Preserve

First Time Member Special: Check out Mindbody for Pricing

Why I love this studio: This studio is absolutely stunning! The last time I went there, I felt like I was transported to a five star resort and spa. They offer regular gym memberships AND they have this amazing cycling weekend drop-in class for $15! The cycling class is perfect for all fitness levels.


Yoga | Yogaleena

First Time Member Special: Brand-new yogis 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30.

Why I love this studio: Yogaleena is a boutique non-heated yoga studio. They have such a wide variety of classes ranging from prenatal for soon-to-be- mamas and blended meditation classes for those of you who need to just shut down for a bit. They have a running list of amazing workshops. I took a tarot card, paint, and yoga flow workshop (so spontaneous)! It was something I never experienced before! After the workshop, I left the studio in a peaceful state of mind.


Pilates & Bounce | HardCore Fitness

First Time Member Special: New students get 2 free classes.

Why I love this studio: OMG… Have you ever worked out on a trampoline?! I have and it was amazing! HardCore offers a bounce class that works your legs to exhaustion.  HardCore also offers pilates, which is a real treat. All of the classes at this studio are taught by wonderful instructors and you will leave the studio feeling like family.


Barre | Pure Barre Houston

First Time Member Special: Free foundations class for new members.

Why I love this studio: Pure Barre has multiple locations around Houston, which makes finding a home studio easy. With small movements, you hit muscles you never even knew existed. The “workout burn” from one of their classes will hit you hard the next day!


Yoga | YogaWorks Uptown

First Time Member Special: New students can get one free week of unlimited yoga.

Why I love this studio: YogaWorks has multiple locations around Houston. Their Uptown location has two studios, which allows them to have two classes running at once… what does this mean for you?! They can pack their schedule with 10+ classes a day! With my busy schedule, I loved how there were so many opportunities for me to take a class during the day.


Cycling | Cyclebar

First Time Member Special: New riders get two weeks unlimited for $69

Why I love this studio: Cyclebar really gets your heart rate pumping! The music is loud, instructors are motivating, and you can track your progress on a screen in front of the class. The class I took at Cyclebar really tested my cardio endurance and I knew I really EARNED my workout.


Rowing/HIIT | ROW Studios

First Time Member Special: Single drop-in $25

Why I love this studio: This studio uses row machines as a foundation, how unique is that! Your arms will burn as you row away. They also incorporate HIIT into the workout and it is SO easy to follow. They have TV screens at the front of the room that you can look at to stay on track with the current circuit.


Circuit Workouts at Home  | Tone It Up

First Time Member Special: New members can redeem a 7-day free trial.

Why I love this app: It cannot get any easier than working out at your own home. I started Tone It Up when I was pregnant because of their great prenatal workout options. The one thing that makes this app truly unique is you can actually sign on/join a virtual workout class during the day. I liked having the option of signing up for a virtual class because it gave me a sense of accountability and I could put it on my calendar.

Just remember, no one ever said “wow I really regretted that workout!”

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