Our How To Guide for a Grid Style Seating Chart

January 5, 2020

When working with wedding couples one thing that always comes up is the seating chart. How can you make it fun and exciting? The answer is there are SO many different ways to help your guests find their seats! One of our favorite seating displays yet was our hanging grid-style chart totally adorned in gorgeous blooms during Caroline and Kyles wedding at The Farmhouse! Displayed at their cocktail hour, this seating chart was not only a total show stopper but allowed guests to find their table at their leisure after selecting their favorite sips from the bar. 

While conceptualizing this seating chart, we wanted it to nod to the whimsical and natural design elements the guests could expect to be emersed in as they enter the reception. Although a totally drop-dead gorgeous design element, this seating chart was actually not as difficult as it may look to put together! Something like this is totally attainable at your very own wedding so here you have it straight from a planner, here is our “how-to” on how this beauty was created!

Tools Used:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. MAKE A PLAN: Any time you’re creating something like this it’s always best to come up with a plan first. We laid out the grids on a large table (any flat surface will work) and situated the printouts until we were happy with the spacing and overall look. One of the pros to using a grid is it makes spacing things evenly much more simple. When arranging this one we purposely left asymmetrical blank space on the top and bottom so we could dress our seating chart in floral. Make sure to take a photo of the printout arrangement so when it comes time to set up you have a reference for card placement! Pro Tip: Wait until after you decide where to place the assigned table page to attach the gold binder clip. This is so you do not leave imprints on the paper if you need to move it again. 
  2. CONNECT THE GRIDS: After you decide where each assigned table card will be placed, strategically place the zip ties to the gold wall grid panel behind the display cards.  This keeps your zip ties hidden and your grids secured. Pro Tip:  Use a zip tie that is clear. In the event that your printouts are white, you wouldn’t want a colored zip tie to be visible through the card. 
  3. HANG THE GRID: In this instance, we were hanging the seating chart from the rafters on an outdoor patio. This was a two-person job and I worked directly with our florist to get this up. We used a level to ensure that the grid was being hung straight and once we determined the desired height we cut the twine with our scissors at the proper length. We looped our twine around a wooden beam from which the seating chart was hanging.
  4. PLACE YOUR CARDS: Once the grid is hung, you can now clip your assigned table pages to the grid. To ensure consistency make sure to push the paper to the top of the clip. The open space in the clip is what hangs on the grid.
  5. SECURE THE CARDS: Since we knew this seating chart was going to be outside on a windy day, we decided to put the smallest dot of museum putty (or clear orthodontic wax) on the bottom backside of each assigned table page.  This managed to stick the paper to the metal grid and secure the pages so they weren’t blowing in the wind.
  6. DRESS IT UP: After the seating chart was hung we worked with the florist to guide them in the right direction for our overall vision. The floral not only elevated the look of the whole seating chart but it was a perfect touch of whimsy that brought it to life! We decided to have the twine covered with greenery and the floral asymmetrically placed for a polished and balanced look.As for any type of design help we always recommend hiring a planner to walk you through the process. If you want something like this for your wedding it’s always our suggestion to have a professional take care of this for you on your big day! This will ensure that everything is not only being properly handled but then you get to simply enjoy kicking your feet up and just being the bride!

If you love the images from this modern farmhouse wedding, you can check out Paige Vaughn’s blog to see more of our design aesthetic for Caroline and Kyle’s big day!

Vendor Credit: Planning & Event Design – Unveiled Bliss | Photography – Paige Vaughn Photo | Venue – The Farmhouse | Floral – Monica’s Brides