Party Animal Birthday Inspiration

February 20, 2020

They say when you’re in the industry that planning your own personal parties are no longer simple. We have always loved to entertain and have always been known amongst our friends as the people who throw the parties that you don’t want to miss. With that being said planning our daughter’s birthday is no different! Charlotte turned 2 at the beginning of February and if you know this curly-headed wild child of ours then you know that the Party Animal theme suits her perfectly! It was the most perfect day full of balloons, animal ears, toddler shenanigans and fun for everyone! Here are the in’s and out’s of hosting a children’s birthday that adults will enjoy too! 

Party Inspiration

When styling any type of event it’s always important to determine what is inspiring the decor for the party? In this instance, I knew the route I wanted to go with the decor and theme the instant I found her cake toppers by Sugar Hippo! Fun, youthful, unique but still sophisticated these toppers embodied everything that we wanted her birthday to be about! Once I selected her toppers I ordered her digital invitation and determined the color palette that would be seen throughout the decor!

Details and Decor

No matter how big or small it’s always the little details that people get a kick out of and remember! From balloons that tell your color story to photo backdrops people always enjoy feeling like you put effort into not only the party itself but hosting them! After all, your guests are there to support your celebration and have fun with you! Below I’ve listed some of our favorite details from Charlotte’s special day!

  • Animal Ears – We purchased animal ears in place of party hats! Not only was this in line with the theme but the kids LOVED them and it doubled as a fun favor that they could continue to play with after the party is over! (I should have ordered more because the adults were enjoying them too! LOL
  • Balloons – Whether you’re a kid or an adult I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t smile at balloons! We used balloon garlands outside of the house, inside in various locations and on the photo backdrop in the backyard!
  • Animal Cracker Favors – First of all, Barnum Animal crackers are nostalgic for us adults and something that kids still love today. Rather than going to the dollar store to buy Knick Knacks that are going to end up on the floorboard of the car animal crackers are cheap and something they can enjoy as a snack later!
  • Framed Signage – Even simple signage shows your attention to detail! You can simply create and print signs from Word or Canva and place inside frames that you already have! Want to take this a step further? Paint wooden frames to match the color palette of your party!
  • Photo Backdrop – Create a nice space where your guests can take pictures to remember how much fun they had! This also doubled as a backdrop for Charlotte’s cake smash when it was time for cake and presents. These can be rented OR if you are handy and enjoy a good project create your own with wood and paint white! Dress it up with balloons and WHALA! 

Food and Drinks

Let’s talk about food and drinks… one of the biggest compliments we receive is generally around food and drinks. When it’s great people remember and appreciate it. When it isn’t people remember that even more! Just because a party is for children doesn’t mean that all the adults want to eat kid food too. When creating the menu for Charlotte’s party we wanted to ensure that there was something that everyone could enjoy! It’s always important to make sure you have one hearty staple and some side options for your guests. Below were our adult-focused options!

  • Pulled pork sliders topped with caramelized onions and swiss cheese
  • Crack Dip & Chips
  • Pesto Pasta Salad

Next, it was important for us to make the kid food more “interesting”. Using the words elevated and toddler in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron but we did it and did it well! 

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Macaroni and Cheese Cups
  • Ice Cream Cone fruit cups – These were particularly popular because they were fun for the kids to hold and eat out of. So easy to make, we purchased the cones at HEB dipped them in melted white almond bark and sprinkled them with confetti style sprinkles! Once the almond bark cured we filled the cones with fruit!

Last but certainly not least, drinks! At every event we host we always provide some type of beer and wine options for the adults. Some may have a different opinion on this but the way I look at it is your guests have traveled to come and celebrate with you. Why not show your appreciation and let them have a drink or two on you? In addition, we provided a variety of juice boxes for the little ones and waters for everyone! 


Every event or party needs to have a “wow factor” or focal point and for this party our dessert display was just that for our decor! Circling back to the entire party inspiration the cake toppers were the star of the show! Wink by Erica designed both cakes and mini donuts to compliment the theme and colors for the party. We did have some questions about having a smash cake. Just a friendly reminder that kids spit on and touch the desserts when blowing out their candles. We always recommend that they have their own treat! Your guests don’t want a side of spit with their cake and they’ll silently be thanking you! To top it all off we had the most delicious snickerdoodle mini cupcakes that everyone was RAVING about by Here for the Cake! With a large balloon installation, iridescent fringe and balloon letters spelling out party animal it really created a fun moment that guests would see immediately upon entering the party! Below is a list of all the desserts and decor seen in this photo!

Cake Toppers – Sugar Hippo

Balloons – Glamfetti

Cakes – Wink by Erica
Mini Donuts – Wink by Erica

Mini Cupcakes – Here for the Cake


Whether it’s a party for kids, adults or both it’s always nice to come up with some sort of activity or entertainment (especially when children are involved!). In this instance we had 10 toddlers joining us for Charlotte’s party and I knew that we needed something to keep the kiddos entertained & happy! For this age group, a rented soft play by Little Explorer’s Mobile Soft Play was just the ticket! With that being said, the options are endless! From hiring a storyteller to a bouncy house there are options available perfect for any party! With that being said entertainment doesn’t always have to mean a rental. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt in the backyard, DIY sensory play or a dance-off as long as it feels organized the kids will be over the moon excited for an activity. 

Charlotte’s party was so special thanks to all of the vendors that helped to make it happen!


Photography: Sarah McKenzie Photography
Planning: Unveiled Bliss Weddings & Events
Balloons: Glamfetti
Cake toppers: Sugar Hippo Design
Cakes: Wink By Erica
Mini Donuts: Wink by Erica
Mini Cupcakes: Here for the Cake
Soft Play: Little Explorers Mobile Soft Play

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